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Welcome to our fence page. We build Cedar, Pine and other wood fences across the Dallas and Ft. Worth Metroplex. We have many years of experience building fences. We follow the building standards that go above and beyond any city code. We do not ever rush a fence job, we build every fence as if it was our own. We are not like many fence companies that build fences with cheap materials and poor workmanship. Let us build a fence for you and your family that will last for many years to come. 
STEP 1: Picket Width
Your Fence Options
Choose the width of the fence picket. We offer basically two widths, 3.5 inch and 5.5 inch. 
Check the items that apply to the fence you want us to build for you. Then Click SUBMIT for a FREE QUOTE.
STEP 2: Fence Height
Choose your fence height, 6 foot or 8 foot.
STEP 3: Cedar or Pine Wood
Choose the type of wood you want, Pressure Treated Pine or Cedar. 
STEP 4: Pre-Stain Option for Cedar 
Click below to have your pickets, 2x4 and 2x6 kick board  pre-stained. Basically this means that your fence pickets, 2x4s and 2x6 kick board  will already be stained before installation, also the entire fence will be cedar. This is a popular option because it looks so good! 
STEP 5: Fence Style 
Choose the style of fence you desire: 





STEP 6: Linear Feet
Let us know how many linear feet of fence you have: 

STEP 7: Gates
Let us know how many gates you will need.  
Fence Options Explained
Fence Picket Width: 
Fence picket width is basically how wide the fence picket is in inches. We offer two options, 3.5 inches and 5.5 inches wide. Though there is a third option from Home Depot, an actual 6 inch option, but that only comes with the pre-stained version. Fence width will give you a different look, the wider pickets will be more of a flat smooth look. The 5.5 inch picket is simply a stronger picket because of the width. The thinner picket gives your fence a more grainier look, with more of the grain lines showing because there is simply more pickets, this looks great. Either one looks awesome, it is up to you to choose. 
Fence Height: 
We offer our customers two choices, 8 foot or 6 foot high fences. The eight foot fence is more costly for the simple fact that the holes are dug 3 feet deep and 6 inches apart. We also at times have to add more 2x6 kick boards to create a retaining wall for more support for the fence. This is done to support all that fence material. Our 6 foot fences are the most popular and most affordable, less material and the holes are dug 2 feet deep and are 8 foot on center. 
Cedar or Pine: 
Cedar or Pine, that is the question. Cedar wood is by far the better choice. Cedar wood is less susceptible to insect infestation, warping, twisting and rotting. The best thing about cedar is the look. Pressure Treated Pine is a good material, especially if you are on a budget. Pine wood growth rings are further apart than cedar growth rings. The closer the rings, the stronger the wood. The pressure treated pine will be resistant to weather and even insect for the simple fact that it has been chemically treated. Pine is more affordable and comes in the same sizes as the cedar. No matter what your choice is, cedar or pine, we will build you an awesome fence. We recommend staining your fence every five years. Once we build your fence, you should wait at least three months for your wood to dry out.   
Pre-Stain Option: 
Home Depot and other suppliers offer "pre-stained" pickets, 2x4s, 2x6s, and 2x8s. Home Depot offers the "pecan stain" color, a dark chocolate color that does not hide all the grain. It is a nice upgrade to your fence. When you pick the pre-stain option you have the option of just having the pickets stained and also having the cap, kick board and runners stained also. Most customers will choose to have everything stained. Home Depot does offer a stained fir picket. Contact us about that option.  
Fence Style: 
We offer several fence style options. 
1.) Board on Board with Cap and Trim: 
This is the most expensive choice because there is more material, (most customers order an 8ft fence when choosing this option) the post holes are 3 feet deep, the post are set six feet apart. There will be 3 sets of rails or "runners" plus a 2x6 kick board will be installed at the bottom of the fence. The pickets are installed with the first layer of pickets having a 3 inch gap between pickets. The second layer is installed in the center of the 3 inch space, leaving at least 1.5 inches of overlap, making the fence stronger. There will also be two sets of trim made from the pickets themselves. We make the first trim 4 inches, the second will be 2 inches. There are several variations when it comes to the cap (2x8). 

2.) Board on Board with Trim: 
This style fence is the same as above minus the cap. This fence will have a 4 inch trim.
3.) Side by Side with Trim:
This is one of the most common fences we build. Basically the pickets are installed butted up next to each other. A 4 inch trim is installed. 
4.) Side by Side:
Another common fence we install across the metroplex. This fence has no trim. Most of the time the pickets will be "dog eared". 
Fence Style Continued: 
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STEP 8: Do you have an old fence?
Let us know if you have an existing fence. 
Optional: Home Depot Fence Materials
5.5 Inch Pine Pressure Treated Picket
5.5 Inch Cedar Picket Dog Eared
3.5 Inch Cedar Picket Dog Eared
5.5 Inch Cedar Picket Flat Top 8 FT high
Cedar Pre-Stained Picket
Cedar 2x6
2x4 Pressure Treated
2x6 Pressure Treated
2x4 Cedar Rail
50lb Cement Bag
Fence Bracket
Fence Bracket 2
Fence Cap
Steel Fence Post
Steel Fence Post
Lag Bolt
Pre-Stained Picket
Flat Top
Cedar Picket Flat Top
8 Foot
Cedar Picket 3.5"
Cedar Picket 5.5"
Pine PT Picket
Pressure Treated 2x6
Pressure Treated 2x4
2x6 Cedar Kickboard
Fence Cap
Fence Bracket 2
Fence Bracket
Cement Bags
Lag Bolt
Fence Metal Post
Fence Metal Post
Cedar 2x4 Rail
We use Home Depot materials to build your beautiful fence. The great thing is you get Home Depot affordable prices and high quality materials. We will build you a solid fence with quality workmanship. Just click below to see a close up of materials.  
Click on picture for a close up.
Cedar Pickets: Here are some of the pickets we use to build your fence. These are Cedar and Pine. They come in  6ft and 8ft heights, 5.5, 6,  and 3.5 inch widths, dog eared and flat tops, pre-stained pecan. All pickets are from Home Depot. 
Fence Rails: We only use 2x4 rails and 2x6 kick boards. Some companies use 2x3s. We use 2x4s because it simply makes a stronger fence. The kickboard makes a solid fence, gives it a good base and protects the bottom of the pickets. The kickboard also prevents pets from escaping. 
Concrete, Poles: We use 50lb bags of concrete for the post holes. We use two types of pole ties, common and upgrade style, the common uses one bolt to secure the bracket, the upgrade style uses two bolts to secure the brackets. We use 16 gauge poles that are strong and last forever. One of the most important elements of a fence is what holds it all together, the lag bolts. We use lag bolts and not wood screws. Lag bolts are strong and can hold a 2x4 in place. There are a total of four lag bolts that are screwed into each bracket. 
Our Fence Projects
All Cedar Fence: 
Here is a fence we built out of all cedar wood. We used 3.5 inch wide x 6ft  cedar pickets with cedar 2x4 rails and 2x6 cedar kickboards. On this fence we used three rails of 2x4s. This is a really strong fence. We removed the old ugly fence and installed the new one. Check out the video!
Here is a fence we built with 5.5 inch wide cedar pickets #2 x 6ft. We installed pressure treated 2x4s and 2x6 kickboards. We installed one gate. Cedar makes a beautiful fence! Order yours today! 
Cedar Fence with PT Rails: 
STEP 9: Good Poles
Let us know if your metal fence posts are still good.
Call or Text: 
Call or Text: 
We can also install economical Fence Panels. 
3.5 Inch
5.5 Inch
6 Foot
8 Foot
Cedar Wood
Pressure Treated Pine Wood
Pre-Stained Option
Side by Side
Side by Side with Trim
Board on Board with Trim
Board on Board with Cap & Trim
We have an old fence
We have no existing fence.
Our metal fence posts are good.
Please replace all poles.