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Amonia Solution:
1 pint water
1 tablespoon ammonia

Mix and spray on counters and windows
Indoor Ant Bait

9 teaspoons light corn syrup
1 teaspoon boric acid or borax

Mix ingrediants. Place one drop on a postage stamp piece of cardboard and place it where you see ants. Let the ants swarm and take it to the nest. They will feed it to their young. Replace periodically.
ANT Hot Pepper Solution

Large jar
2-4 Sliced hot habanero peppers

Put sliced peppers into jar and fill with hot water. Let sit for 24 hrs. Remove the peppers and pour the solution onto the nest. Serving size is one quart. 

Sweet Roach Bait

1 part sugar
1 part baking soda

Mix sugar and baking soda. Put in jar lids and place them in your kitchen and or garage along base boards under sinks or wherever the problem is. 
Fatty Roach Bait

1/2 cup boric acid or borax
1/8 cup sugar
Bacon drippings

Mix with enough bacon drippings to form a paste. Add flower if needed to form soft balls. Place marble sized balls on wax paper whereever you see roaches. KEEP AWAY FROM PETS AND CHILDREN! Store in freezer for later use.