If you have recently gazed upon your lawn and the thought of sand and cactus has crossed your mind, you might consider calling SODinstall for a free estimate. So, you have looked at your lawn, along with the neighbors, and you know deep in your heart that the lawn is not actually a lawn but a piece of land that has some patches of grass mixed in with weeds and dirt. When it rains, the side walks are run over with mud, when its windy your car is covered in dust. You constantly have muddy shoes. Now you have a choice to change all that. SODinstall can give your family, literally, a breath of fresh air by planting new SOD on your current piece of land. It is a known fact that SOD or a well established lawn can reduce dust, pollution, erosion, and add beauty to your home. 
  • We  use Texas Gulf Coast SOD
  • High Quality Local SOD
  • Our SOD is cut fresh to order
  • Has a thick soil base
  • We have many references
  • Professional Installation
  • Professional Estimates
  • We inform and educate our customers before a sale is made

  • Poor SOD Quality
  • Companies focused on quantity
  • Poor Soil Base
  • Dry and Brown SOD
  • Weak roots, Flimsy Grass 
  • Wrong type SOD Installed
  • No Face to Face Consultation
  • Inaccurate Quotes
  • Confusing Estimates 
  • Bad Customer Service
  • Inconsistent SOD quality

Why Choose us 
for your SOD needs? 
The Average SOD Installation:
The average SOD job we perform for our clients usually involves more than planting SOD. Because of things like Tree Shade that effects grass growth, we prune trees to improve sunlight penetration, roof clearance, remove dead limbs, ease wind resistance, add cables and braces for support and even remove the entire tree if needed. We also repair and install wooden fence, plant new flower beds adding our "Ready to Plant" enriched soil, and can install or repair porches, decks, patios, and outdoor kitchens. SODinstall is very capable of doing more than one thing, and doing it well.
St. Augustine Palmetto
Palmetto grass is a semi-dwarf grass, giving it a plush appearance similar to Seville and Delmar, but Palmetto grass is less prone to becoming thatchy, even in full sunlight. The leaf blade width is similar to Bitterblue and Raleigh and finer than Floratam. When mowed high (3" - 4") it is often mistaken for fescue. The leaf blades are tapered at the tip with a rounded end, and are soft to the touch, unlike the prickly feel of Floratam. Palmetto grass will remain green longer than any other variety of St. Augustine, and will stay green much longer than Bermuda grass and Centipede grass. Palmetto grass will slowly become dormant after several heavy frosts, and will remain evergreen in temperatures below freezing if there are no hard frosts. It will first go "off color" (e.g., the bottom layer of stolons will maintain green leaves while the top leaves develop the brown tinge characteristic of frost damage) before it lapses into total dormancy. In many parts of the South (Zones 7 - 9), Palmetto grass will be semi-evergreen.

St. Augustine Raleigh
Medium leaf and stolon size. One of the most shade tolerant warm season grass. Although, it still requires 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight with filtered sun also. It requires 2 or 3 fertilizer applications per year, with a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer with slow release nitrogen source. Ideal mowing height is 2 - 3 inches with a rotary mower. Requires 1" of water every 3 weeks during fall, winter and spring. This increases to a maximum of 1" of water every seven days during the extreme heat of summer. Potential disease problems are gray leaf spot in the summer and brown patch in the fall. Both of these diseases are enhanced by over watering and after fertilization. These diseases can be prevented by an application of the fungicide Terraclor (PCNB). Potential insect problem is chinch bugs. This insect becomes active during hot dry periods. They are first detected by brown patches in the lawn that do not recover after watering. Make an application of Diazanon to the entire lawn and water thoroughly to eliminate the problem.

Bermuda TexTurf 10
Varietal selection of common bermuda that was developed and released by Texas A & M University. This is a course bladed bermuda. However, it is a much more lush grass than common and it does not produce a seed head like common. This grass will require 3 to 4 applications of a 3-1-2 ratio fertilizer with a slow release nitrogen source. Ideal mowing height is 1 -2 inches with a rotary mower or a reel type mower. This grass will only grow in full sun. Disease problems with Bermuda grass decline in late summer or fall. Apply Terraclor (PCNB) and water thoroughly. Insect problems are during the fall season, army worms and grub worms. Treat with Diazanon and water thoroughly. Tex Turf Ten requires 1" of water every 3 weeks during the fall, winter and spring. This increases to a maximum of 1" of water every 7 days during the extreme heat of the summer.

Bermuda Tifway 419
Combining toughness with beauty, Tifway 419 has been the most popular sports turf for the last 40 years. Its dense, rapidly spreading growth habit means quick recovery from injury, making it one of the most durable hybrid Bermudas. Tifway 419 tolerates close mowing and is highly disease resistant. For use on fairways, roughs, sports fields, and commercial and residential lawns.Tifway is a hybrid bermudagrass cross of Cynodon dactylon x C. transvaalensis germplasma. It is characterized as having a dark green color with medium fine textured leaves. Tifway hybrid bermudagrass is dense with a medium to low growth habit. This variety is a vigorous grower and thus establishes quickly at planting. The 2001 NTEP trial conducted in Griffin, GA showed that Tifway 419 was shown to have better quality ratings than Tifsport.

Zoysia Palisades
Palisades Zoysia japonica, is a vegetatively produced, medium broad textured, high density turf noted specifically suitable for home lawns, golf fairways and roughs, sports fields, industrial parks and highway medians. Palisades is a medium to coarse textured turf noted for its shade tolerance and low water use requirements. It will tolerate mowing as close as one half inch with good weed competitions ideally as high as two to two and a half inches for home lawns. Palisades close mowing would permit use on golf course fairways especially where water availability is of concern. Irrigation water should be supplied providing for deep penetration with infrequent application to maximize plant performance and nutrient efficiency. 
Installing SOD across the metroplex: Dallas,Irving,Cedar Hill,Allen,Arlington,Mesquite,Grand Prairie,Garland,Rowlett, Desoto,Duncanville,Euless,Frisco,Plano,Richardson,Lewisville,Carrollton,Oak Cliff, Addison,Coppell
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Ordering Topsoil: 
Some lawns are in need of some great topsoil. The topsoil we recommend for a new sod installation is Enriched Topsoil: this material is a blend of very deep screened loamy sand and Professional Compost. It offers consistent color and texture, as opposed to excavated sandy loam, which has proven to be inconsistent and problematic with weeds.There will be an additional labor fee for spreading the soil either by hand or tractor. We also offer other soil and materials: Compost, Mulch, Bedding Mixes, Lawn Mixes, Tree Mixes, Sand, Rock, Dirt/Clay, and more.

Types of SOD
St. Augustine 
St. Augustine 
Tifway 419
  • St. Augustine RaleighGreat in the Shade. Best Seller.
  • St. Augustine PalmettoGreat in Shade, Finer Blade, Deeper Roots, Hardier, stays green longest, resistant to chinch bugs.
  • Bermuda Tifway 419Used on Sports Fields, FULL SUN, Great with traffic, uses less water than St. Augustine.
  • Bermuda Tex Turf 10- FULL SUN, Low Growing, Drought Tolerant
  • ZoysiaMost Beautiful SOD & Most Expensive, good in SHADE or SUN, Good with Traffic, Very Drought Tolerant, Deep Roots.
The Highest Quality SOD & Professional Installation :
 St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia SOD
Why Choose SODinstall.com?
  • We use High Quality SOD
  • We Professionally Install SOD
  • Face to Face Lawn Consultation
  • Sprinkler Check and Programing
  • Itemized Estimates
  • References Available
  • No Hazardous Chemicals 
Welcome  to our Sod Installation page. We have been planting  Quality SOD in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex for over 15 years. We only plant High Quality SOD from the Gulf Coast and Local Farms in Texas. We take pride in our SOD and Installation. We have many references where we have installed half a pallet to fifty pallets or more. No matter the quantity of SOD delivered and installed, we keep our standards very high. There are two markets when it comes to SOD, High and Poor Quality. Unfortunately, there are a high number of SOD companies that sell and install Poor Quality SOD. But there is no need to worry, we are here to save the day!  Read below to learn more about our SOD and Installation. SOD is very beneficial, it filters dust, absorbs heat around your home, provides oxygen, controls erosion, provides a soft place for kids to play and simply makes you feel good.  
What to Expect from Our SOD Installation and Common Misconceptions about SOD.
Round Up to Kill a Lawn: "NO"
We have been installing SOD for a long time in the DFW area. Our method has worked over and over through the years. One of the most common questions we get asked is, "Do you use Round Up to kill the lawn?" My answer is no. Why? You may ask. We never had to. We believe spraying a large quantity of chemicals on a lawn damages the environment and could be harmful to humans and animals. Glyphosate is found in Round Up and studies say that it is very toxic and can cause cancer and kidney problems. Here is a link to an article on Round Up. 
Don't expect a Flat Football Field:
Most lawns, 99% of them have a natural grade to them. That is, they are not flat football fields nor are they Golf Courses. Some people do want their lawn "level". And that is okay. Some lawns are worse off than others. In some cases a Bobcat is brought in. In most cases, a customer would need some enriched topsoil that provides some leveling and great nutrients. Our average SOD installtion, when completed will have a natural look that follows the grade of the lawn. The "seems" will show for a while until the lawn is established. Customers that want or need extreme leveling/ grading should expect to pay more in labor costs. 
SOD Weight, Coverage and Delivery:
One pallet of SOD weighs One Ton (2,000 pounds), covers 450 square feet and costs between $85 to $150 for delivery (depending on amount ordered). In conclusion: High Quality SOD is heavy.
"I want the cheapest price for SOD."
We do not sell our clients "cheap SOD" nor do we provide "Cheap Installation". Our company provides High Quality SOD with High Quality Installations. We only order SOD from select SOD Farms that provide quality SOD in various types. Our SOD installation method is the best and hundresds of lawns later, we are proud of that fact. 
We actually check your sprinklers.
We come across the competition many times. And in those times we have noticed that a sprinkler check is never mentioned. That's like checking a car engine problem but forgeting to check the oil. As an engine and oil go together so do sprinklers and grass (SOD). We provide our customers with Sprinkler Repair an Installation. It is vital for your sprinklers to work correctly when investing in a new lawn. We have to adjust and raise sprinkler heads so that the SOD gets proper coverage. It is very important to water your new SOD for 12 to 14 days, soaking it every time. 
One Pallet of SOD weighs 2,000 pounds (1 Ton). 
How it Works? 
1- You fill out the free request form on our website or just give us a call to set up your FREE ESTIMATE.
2- We come out to your property and measure your lawn for SOD and any other service you may need like: Sprinkler Installation/Repair, Tree Services, Fence Install, Stonework, Flower beds and more.
3- We email you a quote in PDF format.  
4- Once you approve our awesome estimate, you can mail your deposit to us or we can pick it up. 
5- Once your deposit is received, your sod installation is scheduled. 
6-  You will have a new lawn, professionally installed. Follow our SOD CARE TIPS to insure a healthy lawn.
SOD "Lines" | Browning Spots | Extra SOD on order
There will be "SOD Lines" that look like the lines on a brick wall. Eventually these lines disappear with time. Lines in SOD does not mean it is a bad install.  All new SOD installations will have lines where the SOD squares or rolls meet.  It takes 1 year for a newly planted lawn to establish a solid root system. There will sometimes be browning areas when new SOD is planted. Customer must check to be sure these areas are being watered. Customer must water heavily for at least 2 weeks for new SOD. The brown spots will eventually go away with time and green up. This is a natural occurrence. Extra SOD may come with your order, the cutting of SOD is not an exact measurement. Meaning the SOD farm sometimes adds more to a pallet. We also sometimes combine orders of SOD, especially small orders along with your order. 
Our Professional SOD Installation Process: Better than the rest! 
Our SOD installation is the best. We do several things other companies do not. We actually come to your property and measure for an accurate estimate for SOD. We test your sprinkler system and repair any issues you may have, we are licensed irrigaters. We also use a rototiller to till up the soil and old grass. This adds oxygen to the soil for the new SOD roots to establish themselves. The edges where the SOD meets your sidewalk, street or other hardscape is tapered off so your mower does not shave away the grass. We wet and roll the new SOD with a 250lb roller to ensure good root growth and to dissipate any air pockets. 
SOD Installation Gallery- Proof in the Pudding
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