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Here at we provide our customers with several services to meet all your landscaping needs. We are truly a one stop shop. For example, many of our first time customers turn into “every season” customers. When you hire us for SOD installation, you may need a sprinkler system and a new fence, we can do it! 

SOD Installation: We have been doing this for a while now. We know how to professionally install your new lawn. We install St. Augustine, Bermuda and St. Augustine SOD. We follow our successful step by step process, insuring strong root growth and healthy grass plants. If you want DIY, visit our blog. 

Sprinkler Installation and Repair: Having a healthy sprinkler means so much to your lawn, foundation, trees, shrubs and plants. Not only that, it saves you money. If you do not have a sprinkler system, you may want to consider one. We give free estimates on repairs. Also, we can provide you with a professional sprinkler design at a great rate
Tree Services: Your trees are truly living things, some people talk to them. They too need a trimming once in a while. Trimming your trees keeps them healthy and strong. It also increases sunlight to the vegetation below. We can also remove a dead or dying tree, stump grind, and even plant a new tree.

Fence Installation: As you may know, a fence makes a great neighbor. We install Western Red Cedar Fences. This material is the most durable and most beautiful wood to use when constructing a wooden fence structure. We can remove your existing old worn out fence and install a new one. 

Other Services: We are a one stop shop for landscaping. We also can: Make you a new driveway, retaining wall, clean up an over grown lot, remove rocks and trash, drainage, and more. 

Lawn Maintenance: Commercial & Residential Lawn Service. We offer several packages from simply mowing your residential lawn to fully servicing  a commercial property. Residential lawns start at $125.00 per month and up.
Fence/ Automated Gates & Landscaping: We install Western Red Cedar Fences and Automated Gates  throughout the Metroplex. Simply fill out the request form for a free estimate. We can also landscape your property, adding flower beds, stone borders, patios, shrubs, trees, and outdoor kitchens.
We can Install and repair your sprinkler system at an affordable rate. We provide service across the Metroplex. We can design your new system from scratch. Each home and business is different like water pressure measurements. We are very detailed in our irrigation design to ensure you get the best sprinkler system that will conserve water and save you money in the long run. We don’t take short cuts. We also service and repair your existing sprinkler system. Some of our repair services include:

•  Valve repair / replacement
•  Valve location
•  Double check / cutoff valve
•  Controller repair / replacement
•  Rain / Freeze sensor
•  Wire breaks / shorts
•  New parking / Concrete reroutes
•  Head replacement
•  Adjustments for dry areas
•  New Landscape Adjustments
•  Pump system repair

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Irrigators License "LI16417"
Stone, Stucco, Brick:   We specialize in stone, stucco and brick for residential and commercial properties, from grills, outdoor kitchens to New Home Construction and apartments. 
Our SOD is the Best!
  • Fresh Cut
  • Thick Base
  • Grown on the Gulf Coast & Local Farms
  • Cut to order
  • Hardy
Tree Services: We offer Tree Pruning, Tree Trimming, Tree Removal, Stump Grinding, Tree Cabling and Bracing, and Tree Planting. Our professional tree service staff are ready to give you a free estimate today!
Junk Haul Away Services:  Starting at $99.00, we hual away your junk at an affordable rate. We haul off Junk fridges, Junk appliances, clean out Junked garages, Junk fences, Junk cars, trash, clean out old Junk houses, abandoned Junk homes, foreclosed Junked  homes, old Junked clothes, Junk tv's, boxes and much more! Call today!
Lasts twice as long as other wood!
Best SOD in Texas!
 Landscaping Services 
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SOD Install provides homeowners and businesses with our SOD Installation Service. We give customers a choice of Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia grasses: 

  • St. Augustine Palmetto
  • St. Augustine Raleigh 
  • Bermuda Tifway 419
  • Texturf 10
  • Zoysia Palisades

We choose high quality SOD that has a good soil base and has thick grass leaves from local and coastal farms. Our installation method is simply the best. We professionally install your new lawn to ensure that the roots get well established. We take several steps in stalling your lawn by first removing your old lawn, applying soil amendments if needed, repairing and adjusting any bad sprinkler heads, proper tapering of soil where the lawn meets the sidewalk or driveway, staggering SOD rolls, removing any air pockets with a 250lb SOD roller, and properly soaking lawn. Once we have planted your new lawn you must water for about 12 to 14 days so that the grass roots get well established. You may get a water variance from your city services. 

It’s a simple process, fill out the request form on this page and we will come out and give you a free estimate.            
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