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Flag Stone and Decomposed Granite Walkway
One of our favorite things to bring to a lawn is Stone and Gravel. Hardscape adds beauty and simplicity to your lawn. Not only does it look great but can be functional too. 

The photo on the left is a perfect example of beauty and function working together. Here, as in many lawns across North Texas, we had a customer having a problem with a muddy side lawn. This happens because the side of the house is in dense shade, not allowing grass or other vegetation to take root. The customer originally wanted us to plant SOD, but we came up with a much better solution, Flagstone and Decomposed Granite. The customer no longer has to endure a muddy mess, especially with the dogs. We can do this for you too, simply call or fill out the request form here. 

Colorado River Rock
A full-sized stone with sizes up to 15" — is meticulously re-created to capture the essence of a river rock with its characteristic shapes and deep naturally rounded stones. Stones are individually selected for their distinct irregularity and unique textural nuances water-worn into the surface.
Decomposed Granite
Is the ultimate for driveways and pathways. Mined in the Texas Hill Country, this material has small, coarse granite chunks and lots of fine material. When installed as a driveway or pathway, the fine material takes a hard set, while the coarser material rises to the surface. It all stays in place, yet quickly drains.

Flagstone comes in many varieties, colors, textures, thicknesses, sizes. It has many uses including stone patios, walkways/steps, pool coping, water features, counter tops, caps for walls or columns, and more. The majority of flagstone we carry is Oklahoma Flagstone (which comes in many colors).
Black Star Gravel
comes from a location near Hondo, Texas. It is about 3/4" dark gray gravel that turns black when wet. It makes a beautiful accent under fountains and statuary. Black Star Gravel is also used for walkways and anywhere an upscale look is desired.

Pea Gravel
Is available as 3/8" and 5/8" native, washed gravel. This gravel has various brown colors. You can use pea gravel between flagstones to inhibit weeds, and provide a comfortable walking surface between the larger stones. Pea gravel adds a subtle textural contrast and the same long-lasting strength and durability as flagstones. It comes in shades of gray, white and neutral color and blends seamlessly into a landscape.

Decomposed Granite Black
Decomposed Granite Orange
Decomposed Granite Gray
Black Tejas Small
Black Tejas Large
Small Chico
Large Chico
Pea Gravel
Small River Rock
Sandy Loam
1 1/2 Gravel
Arkansas RR
Crushed Granite